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Earthview is registered by the National Environment Management Authority - NEMA as an environmental firm. The team members are also individually registered EIA experts. The Company and its personnel have extensive experience in carrying out environmental assessments (Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Audits, Risk Assessments & Strategic Environmental and Social Impact Assessments) and in the development of associated management plans. Such assessments have been carried out for various clients (both local and international) in all parts of the country and abroad, most recently in Somaliland. Earthview has and will continue to provide its clients with internationally-rated quality products.
Environmental & Social Impact Assesment

Environmental & Social Impact Assesment

We have developed capacity in Natural Resources Management Projects. Our experts have vast experience in carrying out irrigation development and drainage, erosion risk surveys and watershed management.
Environmental Audits

Environmental Audits

Earthview Geoconsultants has competent staff with advanced degrees and vast knowledge in Environmental Audits applications as well as experience in the same. The firm has conducted project evaluation and monitoring, project audits and also project management in Kenya.
Strategic Environmental & Social Assesment

Strategic Environmental & Social Assesment

We are well-equipped for socio-economic surveys and Social Impact Assessments. The personnel involved with Earthview have vast experience in conducting appraisals in social and related fields. The firm has experts capable of conducting quantitative and statistical analyses of large amounts of data collected from field assessments.

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A  leading earth resources consultancy services provider in Africa by working efficiently and effectively in an ethical, consultative and professional manner
 to meet the needs of the stakeholders
 using appropriate state-of-the-art tools
 with a commitment to environmental sustainability.


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